Kunjapuri mataa temple

Kunjapuri temple is a holy temple of mother goddess Durga which is one of the Shakti Peeth of Hindu religion.
Kunjapuri temple is situated near the shivalik mountain range of tehri garhwal range which is 26 km away from rishikesh,13 km from Narendra nagar. It is 1676 Mt height against the sea level.

Kunjapuri temple is situated in top hill and veiw is so exotic here you can find most beautiful sunrise and sunset,in fact it very famous for it's sunset making it the top destination of sunset.
You can visit kunjapuri temple by taking cab or by private car from rishikesh and drive into the most beautiful scenic mountain & curves road of Sharpe end mountains.
Kunjapuri temple famous for it's Mela ( Fair)
Which is held in navratri occasion which was started from  1972.

History of Shakti Peeth

In puran story,it is to be said that ,dakhsha prajapati who was one the the son of load bramha
Have 24 daughter with his wife prasuti.
* Sradhaa,
* Bhakti
* Dhriti
* Medha
* Bhudhikaa
* Lajja gauri
* vapu
* Shanti
* Siddhikha
* Kirthi
* Khayti
* Sati
* Sambhuti
* Smirti
* Priti
* Kshama
* Anasuya
* Swaha
* Swadha

The story take further when we came to know that raja daksha don't like load Shiva and hate to workship him.on the other hand his daughter " SATI" like to workship load shiva and after several year of tapasya ,compel  load Shiva to marry her. Shiva marry sati  and live with mataa sati.

Story progress when dakhsa organise a Maha yagya,in which he invite everyone except Shiva & sati. Sati as per her parental emotion goes to that Maha yagya where raja dakha prajapati insult sati & her husband Shiva , with that harsh word & insult for his husband ,sati jumb in the Maha yagya Agni and give Away her life in that Maha yagya .
This incident make Shiva so angry that he decided to kill daksha ,for which he created veerbhadra  who is believe to be God of anger and distuction. Veerbhadra distructs Maha yagya  and cut dakhsha head.
Shiva take sati body in grief and travel through out the universe forgetting his duties for the universe.
When load Vishnu realize that he have to step in as all universe will be collapse & destroy if Shiva will be like this he take his sudrashan chakra and cut sati body into prices,
Devi sati body was cut into 51 peices ,each part when fall into different part of  the Earth is called as "Shakti Peeth" 
It is belived that the top part of Devi sati was fall in this place which later was called as " kunjapuri temple".


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