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crew sign off and sign on postponed

With the evolving concern of the omicron  COVID-19 variant, many countries have decided to close their borders and make many fresh travel restrictions.  To cope up with this situation Cruise line has now decided to cancel all their sign -Off and  sign-on crew till February. Many factors involved in this big decision not only the cruise line but the countries are now more certain about COVID-19  issues. As this COVID-19 has many variants coming and going around the year, counties are now more experienced in facing the challenge and taking their extra effort to tackle the situation, so that there are minimal cases of COVID-19 variants and no chaos in the country. Keeping in mind, the current issue of cancellation of many flights and new fresh travel restrictions cruise lines now decided to delay their crew sign-off and sign-on till February 2022. So, the crew who was working on the ship and was supposed to sign- off in January 2022 have been delayed to February 2022. The crew who was sup

cruise line vaccination for boosters shot for the crew.

Booster shots for crew With the growing and more mutations variant of covid -19 cruise line, "To bend over backward" crew safety started to give boosters vaccination to their crew members. Cruiseline, are now more particular about the safety of both crew and guests. In this concern, they early vaccinated all their crew with COVID-19 in two doses of vaccine and now not even lacking behind to give booster shots to their crew staff. As we know the cruise industry has suffered a lot due to covid -19. Even after 2-year, the cruise industry is gearing - up to start full - operations. Due to this, it was a huge billion of loss as it was a very surprising long pause for the cruise industry which was not in the plan. After the covid-19 operations started, it was the first concern for the cruise industry to make a safe environment for both crew & guests for the cruising experience. Not only this, every week crew members have to undergo an Antigen covid - 19