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Carnival revised the gratuity plan and internet prices for the year 2023 for travelers.

if you are about to Sail on the carnival cruise line and use the internet then there is some important news for you. Carnival cruise line recently adjusted prices of both internet and gratuity plan. Guest now have to pay a little extra for internet and gratuity. This hike will commence from Jan 16, 2023 ( for the internet plan) & for gratuity too. The stateroom will be followed up after April. 16 2023. The recent plan is as follows: Internet plan ( After 16 Jan 2023) # social media plan - the social media plan will be adjusted to $12.75 per day. In this plan, you can access social media platforms like snap chat, Facebook, WhatsApp,  Instagram, etc. # value internet plan : this includes limited-time access to all internet. This will be adjusted to $17 per day on your devices. # premium - This includes all internet at the price of $ 18.70 per day.  Taking about gratuity this adjustment will commence after April 1, 2023. The revised plan is as follows  # Stan