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New Wages hike for carnival cruiseline members ,2022

New wages hike for crew members. CCL, a carnival cruise line announced a new, wages hike or wage increment for their crew member. The average h ike in salary was roughly a 4% increase in the salary that the crew was getting before. Not only is this vacation and holiday are paid extra. So all crew members will be getting now minimum hike is 4%. Though this hike of 4% i s not considered good in terms of a good incremental. Especially when in the year 2022  the i nflation is more than 7.1%. Not only this, the average hike for managerial staff like sou chef and chef De party  CDP  was reported to be hike between 20 to 30% . which is really considered as a good percentage of hike in salary. This hike was special because it is not so often that a cruise line hikes the salary of its staff. The last hike was in 2018  and this hike makes the crew happy as it is the second-best news that comes after the cruise industry reopens after post covid -19. This hike will be reflected in

carnival cruiseline to hike salary of crew members

 Carnival crew members soon will be getting the good news o f a salary hike . as it was the long proposal by the crew members. If you compare it with another cruise line, the carnival crew was getting much less compared. it will give the crew a smile of the crew. As expected carnival will be giving a minimum 4% HIKE  to 20% to 30% i n the salary. that means now the crew will be getting AT LEAST 4% more than what they are receiving.  Working on cruising is not easy . you don't have a social life as you are too busy with day-to-day work. moreover , you are living a long-distance relationship with your family, wife, and children. all this is only to earn money.  Hence this news wil l encourage crew members to work more happily . the hike is expected to be seen or reflected in crew members' salary accounts by a week or two. At present carnival have a 24-ship fleet and more than 32000 + crew working with the company. All will be benefitted from this hike

Uttarakhand , The long Awaiting vyavashsapak exam Not taken by UKPSC

It was J an 18, 2021, when Uttarakhand public service commission( UKPSC) , come up with a notification to conduct an exam for vyavashapak. The last date for online submission was 8 Feb 2021.  Even after close to one & half years there is no certain date disclosed by UKPSC when they will announce the date of the exam and hence when the recruitment process will end. As it was mainly for Hotel management candidates who are holding graduation in Hotel Management and catering technology along with 2 years of experience. The age limit for UKPSC vyavashthapak exam 2021 was 21 to 42 years ( relaxation for reserved category as per government norms). UKPSC also stated that v yavasthapak  salary will be as per Level -6 ie 35,400- Rs 1,12,400. As this post come at the pick time of covid-19, pandemic in India, many of the hoteliers who have lost their jobs in that endemic have filled the form to get this government job. But, not in that time do they disclose when the exam will ha