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carnival radiance set to go journey Cruise

Carnival radiance is all set to go first journey cruising of the season to Hawaii. The journey cruise will set sail on October 16, 2022 . The ship will sail from its home port Los Angeles, California from the long beach Cruise terminal to Hawaii. The total length of the journey Cruise will be of 14 days. The journey excursion will be of 5 port days and 8 sea days. Which are as follows : #   1st day, 16 October - long beach lA ,       California #2nd day,17th October - sea day # 3rd day; 18 October - sea day # 4 th day, 19 October - sea day # 5th day, 20 October - sea day #6th day, 21 October - Honolulu, HI #7th day, 22 October -Maui ( Kahului), HI 8 the day, 23 October - Kauai, HI 9th day, 24 October - Hilo, HI 10th day, 25 October - sea day 11th day, 26 October - sea day 12th day, 27 October - sea day 13th day, 28 October - sea day 14th Day, 29 October - Ensenada, Mexico The ship will join in LA long beach on 30 October and end up of the journey cruising.

carnival cruise line started mask free cruising

Carnival cruiseline corporation on October 13 decided to go mask free for all guests and crew. This decision will be implemented on the very next day that is October 14. If someone  still willing to take precautions to wear mask as per the COVID -19 protocol they can still wear the mask and come cruising. CDC have already directed to no implications on mask earlier but cruiseline as a precaution was still taking the mask as priority to safeguard it's crew and guest. This decision was welcome by both guests and crew as they can cruise and work back to normal before COVID-19 phase. Mask free environment means lot of things to the crew. Talking to the crew experience shared,,"We have seen much difficult phases during   COVID-19.    How it was difficult to wear mask and work in COVID -19 protocol.sometime it was very tough to inhale in those bulky I -95 mask and work. Those who work in hot section ares specially engine desk and culinary find very difficul