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No snake venom Antiserum in the Uttarakhand government hospitals & AIIMS Rishikesh

In a recent snake bite encounter held on this week, a farmer was admitted to hospital AIIMS Rishikesh where he was shocked to know that hospital doesn't have snake -venom antiserum. He was forced to buy Anti-venom serum from the private medical shop after which he was able to save his life all thanks to the AIIMS, doctors who constantly assist him to save his life from many dangerous situations. This was one of the greatest shocking news that a big hospital like AIIMS doesn't have snake venom antiserum. As this is the summer and the regional people still do farming . Many people who work on their agricultural land many times encounter snakes.  The snake found in the Rishikesh area, particularly on nearby Agricultural land, is considered a deadly snake that can take life in hours if caught by them. This is the total mismanagement of the government hospital that they either have to buy costly venom serum from outside or have to get referred to a p