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All about Giloy, Giloy juice the immunity booster

Giloy is a magical medicinal aruvedic plant uses for curing many chronic disease. Giloy is also known and called by Amritabali, Goodwil,Gudachi,Gudo,Neemgiloy, Amrita. Giloy medical terminology is ( Tinospora lordifolia). Giloy is a stem plant grown only in tropical asian countries like India, Mayanmar, Bangladesh, Srilanka. Nutritional information : The nutritional chart is for per 100 gm Structural composition : NDF - Stand for neutral detergent fiber. It represents the total plant fiber or cell wall including hemicellulose. ADF - Stands for acid detergent represents the percentage of plant material. Giloy has very vast benifit to our body. In india it is considered as national medical plant. This is used for treatment of chronic desease and is the one of the plant that boost immunity naturally. The benifit are. Anti- ageing - It is one of the natural medicine to cure anti aging . It reduces the dark spot, wrink

Tedu vegetable,pahadi Tedu recipe ( snack and vegetable)

Tedu is a root vegetable grown under the soil same as potatoes,carrot and other vegetable stuff grown under the soil. Tedu is a root food grown in every house hold in pahadi hill area and villagers across india., especially in Garhwal Uttarakhand . Tedu is considered as a kandamool vegetable which is extracted under the soil. It is believed that load rama  during his exile to forest use this kandamool vegetable for there food in the jungle. As Tedu is an ancient vegetable it was considered to have grown only in jungle or forests but as human keep on civilization  ,it becomes one of the important vegetable among the people live today in villages or in hill areas. Tedu have a lot of nutrition value and having easy to digest property.This make Tedu popular among the kids & people. Not only this Tedu is widely used in fast , the festival like Maha Shivaratri and navratri . Snack and vegetable recipe. After being wash complete dry the Tedu. Ingredients- 1: boil T

Tedu, All about Tedu roots vegetable & harvesting

Tedu is an ancient cultivated root plant grows under the soil. This is the root vegetable grown same as potatoes, carrot,radish etc. Tedu is being extracted from garden In this case Tedu ,  you have to dig the soil much deeper than any other ground vegetable known and sell commercially. Almost 10 kg of " Tedu" Tedu is very popular in hill area and many villagers across India. In hill area like Garhwal Uttarakhand ,it is very popular among the people ideological beliefs and culture. Tedu is a root vegetables that comes under " kandamool " ( meaning root vegetables that are grown under the soil). kandamool traces can be found in Ramayan where lord Rama along with his wife and younger brother Laxman,have eaten this vegetable as part of food during there exile in forest. During cutting Coming to Tedu it has connected a religious cultural bound among the people of hill area and villagers. People in hill area like Garhwal Uttarakhand, whe

A1 and A2 milk , Homemade A2 ghee recipe

A2 milk the latest hot topic in the world due to its advantages over A1 milk. Let us understand the concept between A2milk and A1 milk . Indigenous indian cow A2 milk is the milk which is coming from indigenous cow of certain Gi tag,like our desi cow,pahadi cow  ,cow which is not hybrid and the cow is ancient breed cow like example in india are:  sahiwal,Gir,Red sindhi, Kankrej,Rathi,vechur,Baragur, lalkandari,,Ongole,Gaolao etc .There are 27 tpye of indigenous breed of cattle in india. In abroad are jersey Guernsey,normande cow. A2 milk is is a cow milk that contains only the A2 variant of beta- casein protein.these cow Milk produce a protein in milk along with an amino acid called as proline . This is very useful for our diabetic patients,good for digestion system and internal organ as this milk stop BCM-7 to release in the body. A1milk on the other hand are the milk produce by cross breeding cows to increase milk production, example Holstein Friesian,,jersey,brow

Glacier Bay national park Alaska

Glacier Bay   is a  Alaskan national park located in southeast Alaska Juneau .Glacier bay covered very vast area 3,223,384 acres  and is also listed as UNESCO heritage site. Glacier Bay national park Alaska is world most beautiful scenic view,you will simply fall in love with mother nature,not only this you will start fantasing about nature beauty and power. Here you will see Beautiful Glacier, blue ice, spectacular view of ocean water, mountain, glaciers , nature beauty, iceberg flotting on ocean. Exotic animals like Whale, Harbor seal, Brown and black bear, Timber wolf, coyote,mouse, black- tailed  deer, beaver,bird like bald eagle, golden eagle. As it's name suggests glacier Bay is famous for it's beautiful scenic different type of Glacier present here.Before we go through all let us understand glacier and it's importance . Glacier -  Glaciers contain most of the drinking water approximately 70% water on earth. It help to keep earth cool  and provi