Tedu vegetable,pahadi Tedu recipe ( snack and vegetable)

Tedu is a root vegetable grown under the soil same as potatoes,carrot and other vegetable stuff grown under the soil.
Tedu is a root food grown in every house hold in pahadi hill area and villagers across india., especially in Garhwal Uttarakhand .
Tedu is considered as a kandamool vegetable which is extracted under the soil. It is believed that load rama during his exile to forest use this kandamool vegetable for there food in the jungle.

As Tedu is an ancient vegetable it was considered to have grown only in jungle or forests but as human keep on civilization ,it becomes one of the important vegetable among the people live today in villages or in hill areas.
Tedu have a lot of nutrition value and having easy to digest property.This make Tedu popular among the kids & people. Not only this Tedu is widely used in fast , the festival like Maha Shivaratri and navratri.

Snack and vegetable recipe.

After being wash complete dry the Tedu.


1: boil Tedu- 100gm
2: oil - 30ml
3: mustard seeds or jakhya- A pich ( to crackle)
4: Onion- 20 gm
5: green chillies- 4 no.
6: Indian masala-
*Salt- to taste
* Coriander powder- 1spoon
* Red chillie powered-1spoon
*Turmaric powered- 1/2 spoon


1 .wash well Tedu and keep to dry.

2 .cut in dices and boil in water till it is well cook.
3. Put pan on heat and add oil.

4. Add mustard seeds or jakhya and make it crackle.

5.put onions and green chillies in the above mixture.
6.cook onion till it emit out all its smell.

7.put indian masala ,cook and mix well.

8.Add boil Tedu in the mixture and cook for 10 minute.
9. Check if it done.

10. When done garnish with chopped coriander and serve hot with tea or Chapati.


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