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The second covid-19 wave has shown the total failure of the Indian system. Not only it hurting people's health badly but also hurting people with high inflation prices of commodities.
It is hard to believe that we have an essential commodities act but no one is there to see an implementation.

Due to covid -19, 7 Million lose their jobs, making it hard to run their family due to High commodities prices making them hard to service. The government and its machinery have failed to meet people's expectations.


People can't be able to find generic medicines at nominal prices
vitamin c, multivitamin, and many useful medicines are not able to get in the generic form.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)  & mask

 Before covid -19  it was. Believe that these masks & personal kits were not made in our country. But after the hard work,,, India was one of the leading manufacturers of PPE kit & mask. People are paying 10 ₹ for a simple mask which should not be more than 3 ₹.

Now,, this is a basic acknowledgment that people want from the government.
As the government has had full time to take fine from the people of India, but it can't check it government machinery that a simple mask should be provided at a fair rate. But this simple thing also not being implemented from the government side. 

Fruits & vegetables -

 We have the essential commodities act 1955, Act73 of 1986 which can give the government power to control prices but here, there is no check of prices for fruits and vegetables. 
Though it is a pandemic but SDM, DM can't make a fair price rate for the general public.
People are forced to buy fruits & vegetables at high rates.
If in this pandemic government machinery is not able to provide a fair price for fruits - vegetables then what is the use of such government.

Cooking oil - 

mustard oil, a common oil used in every household, now is out of reach of common people. Oil which comes under 100-110 rs is now coming at 180₹ / liter. Making the people hit a financial burden.

Medicine & medical equipment -.

In the second wave of covid -19, people who are in home isolation are severely affected. People are getting the call that a medicine kit will be coming to you within 2-3 days. But these kits are not being delivered to the people. Making a mock to the system.

More to this, oximeters that were available at a maximum of 800₹ are now being blackmailed at 3000₹.

Not only this if the central government is giving a ventilator to the state, but states hospitals also are not able to install it to the patient bed as a result of more serious problem to find beds in the hospital.

No proper arrangements for cremation-

This is the most inhuman report of a dead body found in a river is coming out. A total failure of government administration, as people are getting passed by covid at least there should be some arrangements for proper cremation.
People are not able to pay the high prices of wood for the last right to cremate the body as a result people are throwing body rivers.

There are endless examples of an unstable system to cope up with this huge population. clearly, the system needs to change and restored so that natives can be benefited.



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