Tedu, All about Tedu roots vegetable & harvesting

Tedu is an ancient cultivated root plant grows under the soil. This is the root vegetable grown same as potatoes, carrot,radish etc.

Tedu is being extracted from garden

In this case Tedu ,  you have to dig the soil much deeper than any other ground vegetable known and sell commercially.

Almost 10 kg of " Tedu"

Tedu is very popular in hill area and many villagers across India. In hill area like Garhwal Uttarakhand ,it is very popular among the people ideological beliefs and culture.

Tedu is a root vegetables that comes under " kandamool" ( meaning root vegetables that are grown under the soil). kandamool traces can be found in Ramayan where lord Rama along with his wife and younger brother Laxman,have eaten this vegetable as part of food during there exile in forest.
During cutting

Coming to Tedu it has connected a religious cultural bound among the people of hill area and villagers. People in hill area like Garhwal Uttarakhand, whenever they visit each other home ,very lovingly shares and accept Tedu from there Garden and people loves this gesture. In other case it is believed that the family who shares Tedu have special and closer bond with each other.
Segmentation into pieces

As Tedu is non commercial vegetable,it is rarely available in market you will see very fortunate if someone is selling Tedu. Thus due to this it creates a social impact among the people ,sharing create social impact among people lifestyle.

Tedu is considered as very light vegetable easy to digest,many people consume it during the fast. In Garhwali traditional it is consumed during Shivratri and navratri occasion where most people takes fast.

Health -

* Tedu is rich source of fibre and it's  property to resist fat make it wounderful food.
It act as fulfill ness against the hunger and you will fell so satisfy after taking it as a vegetable options.

*It is very good in blood circulation ,and if you have any blood pressure issue you should regularly eat it.

* One of the best quality is that it improves your digestive system and boost digestion Power.

* Tedu also act as a medicinal to cure diabetic patients as it control and prevent diabetic issues.

* As it is good in fiber & no cholesterol
is good for heart patients.

* It also improve your immmune system and good food your bones as rich in calcium.

So having so much lovely property why not try at once this magical root vegetables " Tedu".


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