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Is cruise lines awaiting for covid vaccination??

Covid-19  a pandemic that halts everything. Travel industry which shows a growth of more than 10% is now not very much in the news nor in the business. Similarly, the cruise line industry is in the news for delaying and cancellation of cruises. As everyone was hoping for a drastic v -shape growth of travel - cruise lines industry, but people are still waiting for the cruise to reopened. Things began completely different when many cruise line which was much optimistic to open on May 2021 have yet another time call off for there cruise operation until May 31,2021. As many cruise lines are unable to meet up with the CDC guidelines cruise lines have no option left other than to cancel the cruise & await for vaccination process. Vaccination will ensure a much safer environment among the guest and crew interface. The easy and smooth operation ensures safety & non-transmission of covid-19. As vaccination will ensure a much safer environment, many of the cruise industry is planning for

white spot molds

                       white spot molds are very common molds find specials in clay utensils; garden pots or sometimes in a wall. It has layers of patches of white color that seem to like to be a fungus. as it is considered to be healthy Hazzard better to be taken care of before using the utensils we use. understanding white spots molds white spot molds WSM is generally formed by the deposit of salt caused by salt present in water. As salt gets deposited in materials walls as when water gets evaporated in the atmosphere resulting in salt left behind. this salt form a crystalline structure which deposit in material walls forming in white spot molds. as it is attached to the materials to a container and used by the humans' consequences of serious health hazards like asthmatic and allergic; how to identify- the identifications are simple as white spot and layers of small white likes spots can be seen as it appears in fungus. how to kill put in hot water. rub vinegar baking soda mixtu