priority for covid-19 vaccination must be given to seafarer and aircrews: U.N & IMO

  SEAFARERS and AIRCREW  MUST BE GIVEN PRIORITY FOR COVID-19VACCINATION:  WHO & IMO                                                  COURTESY : IMO WITH THE going crisis of covid-19 and its effect on SEAFARERS,    On 25 March 2021 circular letter no. 4204/add.38, IMO Issue a statement that aircrew and seafarers are keyworkers and priorities must be given first for their covid-19 vaccinations. This statement comes out after the joint statement of five  U.N agencies including the world health organization, INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION FOR MIGRATION (IOM), INTERNATIONAL MARITIME ORGANISATION(IMO), INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANISATION(ILO), INTERNATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION ORGANISATION(ICAO) IN THIS JOINT STATEMENT SAID “: FOR SHIPPING AND AIR TRANSPORT TO CONTINUE TO OPERATE SAFELY, THE  SAFE CROSS BRODER MOVEMENT OF SEAFARERS AND AIRCREW MUST BE FACILITATED. WE REITERATE OUR CALL UPON COUNTRIES THAT HAVE NOT DONE SO TO DESIGNATE SEAFARERS AND AIRCREW AS KEYWORKERS”   Th

white spot molds


   white spot molds are very common molds find specials in clay utensils; garden pots or sometimes in a wall. It has layers of patches of white color that seem to like to be a fungus. as it is considered to be healthy Hazzard better to be taken care of before using the utensils we use.

understanding white spots molds

white spot molds WSM is generally formed by the deposit of salt caused by salt present in water. As salt gets deposited in materials walls as when water gets evaporated in the atmosphere resulting in salt left behind. this salt form a crystalline structure which deposit in material walls forming in white spot molds.

as it is attached to the materials to a container and used by the humans' consequences of serious health hazards like asthmatic and allergic;

how to identify-

the identifications are simple as white spot and layers of small white likes spots can be seen as it appears in fungus.

how to kill

  • put in hot water.
  • rub vinegar baking soda mixture and rest for 30 to 40 mint.
  • again wash and keep dry for 40 min.

bleach can be an effective way to treat white spot molds. just has to mix the bleach in the ratio of 100-200 ppm and dissolve the desired utensil for 45 mint. after soaking wash it nicely and sundry. Ready for use.


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