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  Uttrakhand police A world record that nation LAPSED BEHIND Mount Everest expedition 2018, Uttarakhand police On 21 May 2018 morning, Uttrakhand POLICE, INDIA records a new world record by being the FIRST STATE POLICE team in the world to climb Mount Everest successfully. The Uttrakhand police team which was lead by IPS Sanjay k Guniyal and the successful team who made this record are as follows: 1) INSPECTOR: SANJAY UPRETI 2) LEADING FIREMAN :RAVI CHAUHAN 3)CONSTABLE: SURYAKANT UNIYAL 4) CONSTABLE: VIRENDRA PRASAD KALA 5)CONSTABLE: MANOJ KUMAR JOSHI 6) FIREMAN: YOGESH KUMAR 7) FIREMAN: PRAVEEN CHAUHAN 8) CONSTABLE: VIJENDRA KURIYAL brave police personnel FROM Uttrakhand, INDIA, successfully climbed Mount Everest crown to be maiden state police by any country till now in the world to do so. After completing the successful Mount Everest expedition, the state police were promised a promotion which is still been under hold for four years. It is going to be four years since Uttrakhand ch

Hoteliers and travel employees seeks eyes on government aid for help

  HOSPITALITIES & TOURISM EMPLOYEES SEEKS EYES ON GOVERNMENT AID  AS SECOND COVID WAVE AMPLIFIES. AS COVID SECOND WAVE Spark hospitality sector worries intensify Hospitality and travel are much in grief worry from last one year after lockdown by covid-19. The hospitality and tourism industry was the only sector that was performing with 10 % growth every year. More to these additions of new recreation activity that attracts every common man was not only was creating revenue but also many jobs, now under a dangerous survival situation. Hotels and the travel industry that was employing more than 760,000,000 worldwide are under severe threat of losing their jobs again. What makes people more worried is the sudden blast of covid-19 cases worldwide seeking a second lockdown situation.  After the first lockdown, everyone was aiming for quick and speedy growth, but with the sudden spike in the number of covid cases and government helpless to put again lockdown, the hospitality,

Priority for covid-19 vaccination must be given to seafarer and aircrews: U.N & IMO

    SEAFARERS and AIRCREW  MUST BE GIVEN PRIORITY FOR  COVID-19 VACCINATION:  WHO & IMO                                                  COURTESY: IMO          COVID-19 has affected every common man's life.  IN the context of seafarers and aircrew who are badly affected to go and trasist the country for joining their duty,  UN & IMO TOGETHER COMES OUT promoting the safeguard of seafarers and aircrew.  On 25 March 2021 circular letter no. 4204/add.38, IMO, In this circular address that aircrew and seafarers are 'keyworkers' and priorities must be given first for their covid-19 vaccinations. This statement comes out after the joint statement of five  U.N agencies including the world health organization, INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION FOR MIGRATION (IOM), INTERNATIONAL MARITIME ORGANISATION(IMO), INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANISATION(ILO), INTERNATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION ORGANISATION(ICAO) IN THIS JOINT STATEMENT SAID “: FOR SHIPPING AND AIR TRANSPORT TO CONTINUE TO O

Seafarers are front line workers : DG Shipping India

  SEAFARERS ARE FRONTIER WORKERS: DG SHIPPING INDIA In a process of vaccination, dg shipping comes out with a piece of great news for all seafarers that seafarers will be count as key frontline workers. This is great news for the seafarers that want to work on a ship or in process of joining the ship or cruise. this notification will boost the process of vaccination of covid-19. In the gazette notification dated 21.12.2020, DGS circular no.37 of 2020 states that seafarers are the “KEY  WORKWORKERS”  counted to be essential services.   These notifications state that seafarers plays important role in the global supply chain to respond to and recover from the help of the “essential service maintenance act 1968.which give parliament a absolute power in emergency situation to put any transportation sector as a essential sector in the time of emergency situation. Who are seafarers: Any person who is working or traveling by ship is co

Lagda ( lagdi), all about garhwali lagda

Lagdi, Garhwali lagda (LAGDI) essentials and recipe Lagdi  is a conventional ,customary , long established Garhwal cuisine. It is best eaten in the morning and to intensify its taste-making your mouth watery. As it is very quick and easy to make most people prefer it as a snack with a cup of tea or COFFEE AND chutney. which makes your stomach full. facts about lagdi: lagdi as it is made of whole wheat and grams ( besan), ONIONS green leves making it rich nutritive and quick and easy to digest. not only this you can feel your stomach full and feelgood effect after eating it. variety  lagdi has MANY variants. Some make it with whole wheat and besan, some like it to make corn wheat added with chopping green vegetable, onion, and chilies  to intensify its taste-making your mouth watery. You can also make it either salty or sweet. due to too many versatility options, it is one of the favorite dishes for centuries. Not only this when it smells of making come to you it makes you

Veg soyabean chunk soup

  veg soybean chunks soup The winter season is best to taste for a hot and tasty soup. soup lovers often make soup at home and taste it with their beloved family members. today we will discuss the unique soup which can be a good option for veg and non-veg lovers. soybean chunks soup you can try out for your family sit together without any compatible issues of veg and non-veg, as it is made of the plant but resemble like non-veg due to fiber presence making it both veg and nonveg lover sit together in the same table. Recipe- ingredients                                                                                   unit # soybean chunks                                          -                            20 gm # cauliflower                                                    -                          10 gm # green coriander leaves                                 -                            little # cabbage                                                         -