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Hoteliers and travel employees seeks eyes on government aid for help



AS COVID SECOND WAVE Spark hospitality sector worries intensify

Hospitality and travel are much in grief worry from last one year after lockdown by covid-19. The hospitality and tourism industry was the only sector that was performing with 10 % growth every year. More to these additions of new recreation activity that attracts every common man was not only was creating revenue but also many jobs, now under a dangerous survival situation.

Hotels and the travel industry that was employing more than 760,000,000 worldwide are under severe threat of losing their jobs again. What makes people more worried is the sudden blast of covid-19 cases worldwide seeking a second lockdown situation. 

After the first lockdown, everyone was aiming for quick and speedy growth, but with the sudden spike in the number of covid cases and government helpless to put again lockdown, the hospitality, and the travel industry is under the pressure of losing jobs and revenues.

Irrespective of the forecast of v-shape economic recovery country is heading towards a second lockdown situation. This is the time when government should act for the safeguard of hoteliers and travel personnel whose bread and butter are at stake by the covid -19 pandemic. As millions of hoteliers are jobless with no other means of income source having a serious impact on their bread and butter.

Effect of work from home in the hotel industry:

Earlier to covid 19 -pandemic world people use to work in companies and IT SECTOR. there were the industries that give a huge business and client to the hotel industry making the hotel business sustainable. But after the covid -19 pandemic, many of these companies and IT SECTOR have come out of the work from home concept. This concept `make hotel and many outlets difficult to run the hospitalities industry.

Due to work from home many hotels have lost their jobs. by this concept, the small tea stall has lost its income source as there is no client to cater to. more to this the people who use to let their house on a rental basis stop receiving the rental amount. People in the catering business and the maids and cooks are left with no option other than the jobless category.

What are hoteliers doing?

The numbers of hoteliers are helpless to find their wages so many of them have switched off to another profession. The switch profession is not good enough for their living, these are as under :

# vegetable & fruit seller- as there is no scope of the job remains in the hotel industry, hoteliers are forced to sell vegetable and fruit to earn their daily wages from selling vegetables and fruit. This is the most unrealistic scene and an ironic to see that skilled persons are selling vegetable and fruit which are having degrees in their preferred field are now in the business of selling fruits and vegetables . not only this in this business also they are getting tough competition as persons selling vegetables and fruits equation have an increase. in this also people are either giving home-delivery by phone option or door to door facilities by small trucks and small e - riksha model, making it more competition cutthroat business.

# Grocery Shops -  after the pandemic grocery shop was the favorable option which hoteliers have taken quite handy. But in this also there a cut-throat business. now in every 100 meters, you can find  1 grocery shop, which is making it hoteliers tough to survive.

# BAKERY AND CONFECTIONERY-  the hoteliers who were cook and skill workers set to start bakery business but in this also due to heavy revenue in setting the bakery business and impact on people spending power and number of more outlets opened, this business is also not profitable and difficult to run.

# fast food outlets-  fast food outlets what every skill hoteliers (cook) thought in their mind. but after some time there was so much of fast food option that in every 50 to 100 meter you can see Chinese or fast food option and due to more outlet it impact the earning, not only this due to covid -19 procedure making it tough to run, hence this option also a failure. 

# Delivery boys - Many hoteliers have started to be delivery boys in either food boys or parcel couriers boys. This was a good option but as the second wave intensified and more people in the business plus the effect of the spending power of people make this option be under trouble again.

# cruiseline industry- This is the industry which is affected the most and trying hard to commence again. The crew which was working in the container and transportations vessels are not so much affected, but the crew members working in passengers vessels are badly affected by this covid-19 pandemic. Passenger ship crew are still waiting to join the cruise line and start their earnings. hence 

Almost millions of crew members are waiting for their company to resume cruise operations after your 6 - 9 months of a contract is completed. hence many who were came home,e before or after the covid -19 pandemic are awaiting for joining from last 1 and ½  year. This occurs as a serious threat to the livelihood of these crew members.


As hotels and the travel industry are interrelated, both complement each other’s business.  Because of the shutdown of the hotel industry in the covid-19 pandemic travel industry also suffers equally. The transportations sector which was the key and important aspect of hotels are now facing a severe threat to sustaining their business.

Small vendors which were essential to run the hotel industry are facing the same consequences of opening the business. As no ordering from hotel means no income source and a big halt in the business operations.

This is the time when government should look after their people as these people are eying on the government to step in and do something so that they can sustain their family and their lives in this pandemic world.


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