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Lagda ( lagdi), all about garhwali lagda

Lagdi, Garhwali lagda (LAGDI) essentials and recipe

Lagdi is a conventional ,customary , long established Garhwal cuisine. It is best eaten in the morning and to intensify its taste-making your mouth watery. As it is very quick and easy to make most people prefer it as a snack with a cup of tea or COFFEE AND chutney. which makes your stomach full.

facts about lagdi:

lagdi as it is made of whole wheat and grams ( besan), ONIONS green leves making it rich nutritive and quick and easy to digest. not only this you can feel your stomach full and feelgood effect after eating it.


lagdi has MANY variants. Some make it with whole wheat and besan, some like it to make corn wheat added with chopping green vegetable, onion, and chilies to intensify its taste-making your mouth watery. You can also make it either salty or sweet. due to too many versatility options, it is one of the favorite dishes for centuries.

Not only this when it smells of making come to you it makes you feel full of hunger.

lagdi is close enough to traditional chillas which are made the same alike.

internationally you can say same as crapes but in that, we are using stained mixture but here be add many chopped vegetables.

plan to Recipe:

INGREDIENTS                                               UNIT

* whole wheat                           -          50 gm

* besan                                      -           30 gm

* green veg                               -           20 to 30 gm

*onions                                       -           2 big

* turmeric powder                      -           1 tsp

* red chill powder                      -            1 tsp

* water                                        -           500 ml approx

Useful Direction:

1)  mix all ingredients in a bowl and add water to make a thick paste.

2) in anon stick pan put oil to grease and make it heat.

3)put batter with The help of a ladle and make it in circular round and heat.

4) when golden brown flip the other side and heat till it golden brown again.

5) serve with tea coffee chutney.

The useful tool for lagdi is a spatula, non-stick pan, Ladle to put mixture and round.

8 Actionable tips for lagdi:

1. Add wheat flour and water to make a thick paste.

2. Then add all the chopped vegetables and condiments and mix.

3. Make sure the mixture is not lumpy.

4.Chopped vegetables should not be roughly chopped and should be finely chopped.

5. Make sure the non-stick pan is well greased with oil.

6. Ladle should be a good round one so that it can easily rotate the mixture to make around.

7. Don't use too much high flame to make lagda.

8.Don't overheat, when golden brown flip it by using a sharp spatula and flip both sides and take out.


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