priority for covid-19 vaccination must be given to seafarer and aircrews: U.N & IMO

  SEAFARERS and AIRCREW  MUST BE GIVEN PRIORITY FOR COVID-19VACCINATION:  WHO & IMO                                                  COURTESY : IMO WITH THE going crisis of covid-19 and its effect on SEAFARERS,    On 25 March 2021 circular letter no. 4204/add.38, IMO Issue a statement that aircrew and seafarers are keyworkers and priorities must be given first for their covid-19 vaccinations. This statement comes out after the joint statement of five  U.N agencies including the world health organization, INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION FOR MIGRATION (IOM), INTERNATIONAL MARITIME ORGANISATION(IMO), INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANISATION(ILO), INTERNATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION ORGANISATION(ICAO) IN THIS JOINT STATEMENT SAID “: FOR SHIPPING AND AIR TRANSPORT TO CONTINUE TO OPERATE SAFELY, THE  SAFE CROSS BRODER MOVEMENT OF SEAFARERS AND AIRCREW MUST BE FACILITATED. WE REITERATE OUR CALL UPON COUNTRIES THAT HAVE NOT DONE SO TO DESIGNATE SEAFARERS AND AIRCREW AS KEYWORKERS”   Th

seafarers are front line workers : DG Shipping India


In a process of vaccination, dg shipping comes out with a piece of great news for all seafarers that seafarers will be count as key frontline workers.

This is great news for the seafarers that want to work on a ship or in process of joining the ship or cruise. this notification will boost the process of vaccination of covid-19.

In the gazette notification dated 21.12.2020, DGS circular no.37 of 2020 states that seafarers are the “KEY  WORKWORKERS”  counted to be essential services.


These notifications state that seafarers plays important role in the global supply chain to respond to and recover from the help of the “essential service maintenance act which parliament has the power to make laws on any transportation and in this law shipping services will be counted as an essential sector.

Who are seafarers:

Any person who is working or traveling by ship is count as a seafarer. this includes both who are working in the vessel, containers ships, logistics ship, cruise lines, or any yacht.

How it will benefit seafarers :

Due to the covid -19 pandemic, there is a lot of concern in the travel industry about the outbreak of covid -19 from person to person and vaccine is the only solution to retain this novel virus. this notification will be an advantage to seafarers as they will be given preferences first and join ships as much early as possible.


As of now, there is a lot of talk about:” vaccine passport” which mean for public facilities such as restaurants, gyms, and hotel in the country which can be used to travel internationally certification for traveling.


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