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 Uttrakhand police

A world record that nation LAPSED BEHIND

Mount Everest expedition 2018, Uttarakhand police

On 21 May 2018 morning, Uttrakhand POLICE, INDIA records a new world record by being the FIRST STATE POLICE team in the world to climb Mount Everest successfully.

The Uttrakhand police team which was lead by IPS Sanjay k Guniyal and the successful team who made this record are as follows:









brave police personnel FROM Uttrakhand, INDIA, successfully climbed Mount Everest crown to be maiden state police by any country till now in the world to do so.

After completing the successful Mount Everest expedition, the state police were promised a promotion which is still been under hold for four years.

It is going to be four years since Uttrakhand chief minister Trivender Singh Rawat, has facilitated the entire team and promised promotion, but leaders are so sensitive now the day that their promised are so meaningless. If a state government can even look and promote their best officers you can imagine what perception will they have towards the common citizen.

How other countries have reacted to this??

 If these persons were born in other countries they have made them national heroes, they have facilitated them nicely with a better way as they have made their entire country and police department proud. As they are real-life heroes good promotion was obvious.

What Uttrakhand government did?

As they were in another state they have already been promoted as a gazetted officers but, the Uttrakhand government is still in dilemma if to give them a promotion or not, they still not cares what was promised by their government 4 years ago was not even done the commitment.

According to the country, police personnel is frontline workers who will be ready to serve the country in any pandemic, law enforcement, in rescue operation but when it comes to facilitating them the government is hypocritical to do something for them.

Role of Uttrakhand police

Now, this angle will make you more worried and hard to digest that, Uttrakhand police department didn't back there's police force well and keep on neglecting for 4 years what was promised to their police personnel.

Creating a good competitive department, the Uttarakhand police department itself is the chance to glorify their police workforce in the world by not questioning the government why promotions are for hold 4 years.

Other silent features of the story 

If you go through the profile of their people you will be more excited to know that there is the same person who is working with Uttrakhand SDRf and has saved many lives in the rescue mission.

Kedarnath disaster- their people were the first who came to claim light as they are work to rescue and recovering bodies in the Uttrakhand Kedarnath disaster.

 Nanda Devi Rajjaat yatra,- has supervised one of the difficult yatra nada Devi.

High altitude rescues in Uttarakhand (Shivling peak rescue, Shivalik peak-)

 rescue body recovered by them of the polish citizen.

Panpatiya pass rescue( 2 times)- At the height of 4,200 Meters they have given their efforts to rescue people.

Not only this if any to rescue you in Uttarakhand you will find these people to rescue you if you are in Uttarakhand.

A state police Personnels who and continuously delivering the best to serve their police forces can't a state and national have to think about them so that their life-saving efforts can be justified. but always the real-life hero who can are the youth motivator of the county are neglected by the lazy proceedings of government officials.  


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