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A1 and A2 milk , Homemade A2 ghee recipe

A2 milk the latest hot topic in the world due to its advantages over A1 milk. Let us understand the concept between A2 milk and A1 milk.

Indigenous Indian cow

A2 milk is the milk which is coming from the indigenous cow of certain Gi tags, like our desi cow,pahadi cow, a cow which is not hybrid and the cow is ancient breed cow-like example in India are:

 sahiwal,Gir,Red sindhi, Kankrej,Rathi,vechur,Baragur, lalkandari,,Ongole,Gaolao etc .There are 27 types of indigenous breeds of cattle in India. In abroad are jersey Guernsey, Normand cow.

A2 milk is cow milk that contains only the A2 variant of beta-casein protein. these cow Milk produce a protein in milk along with an amino acid called pro-line. This is very useful for our diabetic patients, good for the digestion system and internal organ as this milk stop BCM-7 to release into the body.

A1milk on the other hand is the milk produce by cross-breeding cows to increase milk production, for example, Holstein Friesian,, jersey, brown swiss, Karan swiss a cross-breed cow which gives A1 milk.

A1 milk contains both A1&A2 beta -sein this protein of milk proline is strongly bounded with a small protein called BCM 7 which is released from the animal Gi track of animal and enters the human body. hybrid breeds cow have one more different amino acid called Histidine which creates serious health issues like diabetic, inactive digestive system, mental disorders if Bcm-7 enter to blood.

BCM-7 ( beta- casomorphin-7), is an opioid peptide in A1 milk, when this BCM-7 is dissolved in our body it leads to a higher incidence of Autism, Schizophrenia, and other mental health issues.
Nutritional value:per 100 ml.     
                                     A2 milk.             A1milk

* Energy (KJ)-                 278.                 270       
* Protein(g)-.                  3.3.                  3.3
* Fat(f)-.                           3.7.                  3.5
*Saturated fat(g)-.           2.4.                  2.1
*Carbohydrates(g)-.         5.                     4.8
*Sodium(mg)-.                   37.                   45
* Calcium(mg)-.                 117.                 120
* Lactose-.                           5.                      4.8
* Vitamin b12(ug)-                   3.25.                  3.25

The difference in protein:

A1milk= Hybrid cow=A1beta casein protein=broken down into beta casomorphin-7{BCM-7}=illness due to BCM.

A2 milk= indigenous cow breeds= A2 beta casein= No breakdown of BCM= No illness.

So many countries are trying to shift their production to A2 milk as A1 milk is still dominated around the world 80% of milk consumed today is still A1 milk.

Challenges- To overcome this problem, we have to seriously look at the Heath impact on people As 80%of total milk production is still A1milk.
We have to take care of our indigenous cow breeds to make them produce the maximum amount of milk so that there are no health issues due to BCM-7 protein.

Just see the example of Brazil, their government take initiative and bring Indian cow called as " GIR" cow one of the famous cows of India found in Gujarat. Their government tested the seman of this cow, and through this, they develop a cow breed, whose milk is not only healthy but also a good source of A2 milk.

The process of this was " Vitro-fertilization, where they mix the seman of indigenous cow to overcome the problem of A1 milk.
Today we should take and use this type of " vitro fertilization to overcome the problem.

A2 milk Ghee recipe: 

* Take cream from A2 milk.

* Whisk the cream till all fat combine together and water get separate.

* Wash the fat ( butter) to avoid a foul smell.

* In a pan heat the fat till it gets to boil.

* When fat got boil well and impurities are separated stop the heat.

* Cool down the mixture.

* Strain the mixture in a clean utensil.

* Refrigerate and use.


  1. Thank you for sharing this blog, it is informative. Milk is always we have our daily life. So the matter is which milk we take. Natural cow milk has a lot of nutritious, vitamins and proteins. Include A2 Milk Chennai is raw cow milk. It is very thicker, tastier and healthy. Just try this.


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