All about Giloy, Giloy juice the immunity booster

Giloy is a magical medicinal aruvedic
plant uses for curing many chronic disease.
Giloy is also known and called by Amritabali, Goodwil,Gudachi,Gudo,Neemgiloy, Amrita. Giloy medical terminology is ( Tinospora lordifolia).

Giloy is a stem plant grown only in tropical asian countries like India, Mayanmar, Bangladesh, Srilanka.

Nutritional information:

The nutritional chart is for per 100 gm

Structural composition:

NDF- Stand for neutral detergent fiber. It represents the total plant fiber or cell wall including hemicellulose.

ADF- Stands for acid detergent represents the percentage of plant material.

Giloy has very vast benifit to our body. In india it is considered as national medical plant. This is used for treatment of chronic desease and is the one of the plant that boost immunity naturally.

The benifit are.

  1. Anti- ageing- It is one of the natural medicine to cure anti aging . It reduces the dark spot, wrinkle in skin,glow the skin, reduce pimples ECT.
  2. Anti- Inflammatory- Giloy act as a anti inflammatory to reduce pain. Rheumatoid Arthritis cure to heel one or more joint pains,that goes worsen as age goes on. In this you have to make powered from the stem of Giloy . This 1 spoon of powder should be taken in 1 glass of milk ,to treat this problem. It also Reduce pain like toothache.
  3. Utricaria- ( Hives): A skin rash triggered by a reaction to food, medicine or other irritation Hives is a common skin rash triggered by many things including certain food or medicine. In this Giloy juice is helpful for curing this skin problem.
  4. Blood purifier-  Giloy juice help to remove toxins,purify blood,fight against the bacteria and help against urinary tract infection.
  5. Platelets- Giloy juice increase platelets and very helpful to fight against dengue. It help to increase platelets in just 7days by 700000. It can increase platelets by 25000/day just by consuming it juice. 
  6. Immunity booster- It is one of the natural medicine to boost immunity. It help to cure cold ,cough ang help in curing chronic cough and souring throat.
  7. Help for blood- it is very helpful for blood as blood has three main part ( R.B.C,W.B.C and platelets) it help all the three to purify and increase its volume.
  8. Nutritional supplements- it also the source of vitamin like vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D.,calicum iron,fibre, protein.
  9. Acidity- it help in curing chronic acidy and improve dietery tract.
10: Improve bloodcirculation- it improves blood circulation and help in maintaining the blood pressure .so if you have higher blood pressure you need to drink Giloy juice.

11: Diabetic - Giloy juice lower the blood sugar hence it is useful for Diabetic patients.

12: Anemia- As Giloy has a property to increase healthy red blood cell it is treated as a natural medicine to cure Anemia.

13 : kidney - It help in kidney related issues as it purify blood,help to remove toxins, bacteria related problems as it fight against the bacteria,it help to lever as it is used in urinary tract infection.

14: weight loss- Giloy juice help in weight loss. Is one of the natural medicine to reduce weight 5 kg per month.

15: irregular menstrual cycle- Help in irregular menstrual cycle and helpful in irregular cycle , should take the doctor consult how to take and the dosege. 


Though Giloy is a natural medicine it disadvantages are only what it advantages. Like if you have lower blood pressure you should avoid to drink it as it check and reduce blood pressure.

If you are suffering from any chronic dietery tract problem you should consult doctor to take Giloy juice or not.

Pregnancy-  Giloy juice is considered to be safe for pregnant women but it is atmost suggest that during  pregnancy you should first consultant doctors to take it or not as some women may have lower blood pressure issue ect which may get harm during better if you consultant doctors.

Do not drink Giloy if you are about to have surgery operation as it reduce blood sugar.

How to make Giloy juice

Giloy juice can be make by taking the stem of Giloy which is cut and crush  and put that stem in boiling water till it reduces to half.


1 .Giloy stem - 400 gm
2. Water -5 liter.

Procedure- cut Giloy in small pieces and crush . * Put  the above mixture in 5 liter of water and boil.
* Reduce it till water reduce to half.


Dosage- Giloy can be taken in a ratio of 20 ml per 100 ml of water.for infant it is not prescribed to drink but can be taken by 5 year old kids. It is preferred to take it empty stomach twice a day in morning and evening.

Some of the major questions asked about Giloy:

Amount of sodium benzote - In market it is permissible to used sodium benzote about 0.2% of the total volume or less. But if you are making Giloy juice at home it is sodium benzote free.

Aloe vera juice vs Giloy juice- as both have there own medical property so it should not take  that which ever is superior. But Aloe vera juice + Giloy juice act as a perfect medical treatment to increase platelets, skin problem,sugar problem.

Mocktail-  you are free to add or make your drink like. Adding tulsi + Giloy is a wounderful drink to boost immunity. Adding honey in Giloy.

Lauki juice can be taken 10ml of luki juice Plus 10 ml of Giloy juice in 100 ml of water.
Beetroot in Giloy juice is wounderful mocktail added with little honey.
Adding 10 ml of Giloy juice in lime water make a perfect match.

Giloy juice or tablet- both is good but is treated for specific purpose . Tablet can be used as prescribed by doctor . Without any prescription do not take tablet.

Cool down body- many think that Giloy juice warm up the body but it cool down the body and remove toxins from body.

Can take with medicine: As it is natural juice so no harm if you take Giloy juice with tablet or paracetamol.

Storage- A home made Giloy juice can last upto 2 week while keeping in refrigerator.

Hence , many doctors suggest to drink Giloy juice as it is tne best way to Boost immmune system and fight against chronic disease. 


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