Glacier Bay national park Alaska

Glacier Bay  is a  Alaskan national park located in southeast Alaska Juneau.Glacier bay covered very vast area 3,223,384 acres  and is also listed as UNESCO heritage site.

Glacier Bay national park Alaska is world most beautiful scenic view,you will simply fall in love with mother nature,not only this you will start fantasing about nature beauty and power.

Here you will see Beautiful Glacier, blue ice, spectacular view of ocean water, mountain, glaciers , nature beauty, iceberg flotting on ocean. Exotic animals like Whale, Harbor seal, Brown and black bear, Timber wolf, coyote,mouse, black- tailed  deer, beaver,bird like bald eagle, golden eagle.

As it's name suggests glacier Bay is famous for it's beautiful scenic different type of Glacier present here.Before we go through all let us understand glacier and it's importance.

Glacier-  Glaciers contain most of the drinking water approximately 70% water on earth. It help to keep earth cool  and provide habitat to many animals. Glacier begin to form when the snow remain in the same area year around where it accumulates to transform into ice. As this  process follow year  and year the new layer of snow , falls into older layer which compress each other to form crystallization processes which form heavy ice which moves around from top hills to form glacier.As it has tendency to move so it take with them heavy masses & rock which make them to bind where air pocket start to disintegration itself to form a heavy mass .

There are two type of Glacier.

1: continental glacier
2: Alpine glaciers.

Continental glacier are also known as ice sheet which covers parts of continental land mass like Greenland it is found in earth pole.

Alpine glacier are found in High mountain valley, above the forms high in mountain and travels to down hill side like river of ice.

Glacier Bay national park Alaska have 1,045 of glaciers

List of glaciers

1: John Hopkins glacier
2.: Grand pacafic glacier
3: Lamplugh glacier
4: margerie glacier
5: Reid glacier
6: mc bride glacier
7: Muir glacier
8: Riggs glacier

There are two options to visit glacier Bay national park.

1:By tour where you will be provided accomodation facilities ,lodge as accomodation along with the activities like hiking, camping,mountaing, kayaking,rafting , fishing,bird watching are provided along with the excursion trip by small boats is provided to visit these glaciers. These boats goes much more closer than larger cruise ships. As it is much closer to glacier it give you much more satisfying platform to feel the beauty of glacier.

2: second option is very popular all over the world and 80% of traveler use this option. Here you will see all alsaka tour along with Glacier bay. Here cruise line provide all programs to entertain to see sight seeing , important Hotspots. Cruise line also do  360° ship turn view that gives you a romantic view of mother nature. All the information are well passed in the cruise line over P.A ( passenger assistance) ,live commentary is done from the bridge and passenger are well guided about the information about each and every Glaciers.
The cruise lines which offer Alaska tour are carnival cruise line, Royal caribbean Cruise line, Holland America, aida , Disney, NCL cruise line ,etc.


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