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New Wages hike for carnival cruiseline members ,2022

New wages hike for crew members. CCL, a carnival cruise line announced a new, wages hike or wage increment for their crew member.

The average hike in salary was roughly a 4% increase in the salary that the crew was getting before. Not only is this vacation and holiday are paid extra. So all crew members will be getting now minimum hike is 4%.

Though this hike of 4% is not considered good in terms of a good incremental. Especially when in the year 2022  the inflation is more than 7.1%.

Not only this, the average hike for managerial staff like sou chef and chef De party  CDP  was reported to be hike between 20 to 30%. which is really considered as a good percentage of hike in salary.

This hike was special because it is not so often that a cruise line hikes the salary of its staff.
The last hike was in 2018  and this hike makes the crew happy as it is the second-best news that comes after the cruise industry reopens after post covid -19.

This hike will be reflected in the salary by this may end salary in the carnival cruise salary portal.

In a letter to their crew members, carnival CCL states that based on competitive review they are going to increase salary adjustment and will continue to review compensation and overall benefits.


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