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Carnival miracle completed first journey cruise of the year

Carnival  miracle complete first journey cruise of the year 2022 Jan 23 successfully, & become first fleet in carnival to start the journey cruise of the Year. Thought it was tough, time as with the growing cases of COVID -19 specially omicron variant travelling and tourism industry has hit a lot. As there is low businesses as people are forced to sit back at home. Due to this business, is badly affected. But cruising lovers and much safety measures taken by cruising industry all around to deal with safety of guest , people are coming out to explore the world. The success behind this cruise was only with the help of the crew who was working on the ship. As in this cruise for the safety precautions ship was uplifted to lavel 2 protocol that mean crew was not be able to get outside the ship and there is no way to have any cases of COVID-19 which was well appreciated by guest also. Carnival miracle was in the journey cruise to Hawaii for 14 days. The itenar