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Home made Gujiya

Gujiya is a sweet deep-fried dumpling-like dish made mainly in every household in North India on the festive eve of color Holi celebration.
Basically, you can define Gujiya as a sweet Golden color dumplings oyster or calzone type shape made with flour, the stuffed mixture of suji                 ( semolina)which is mixed with khoya, dry fruits, and ghee than deep-fried in oil or ghee.

The best oil is still for health benefits is mustard oil or sesame seeds oil.


Per piece of gujiya have

Calories- 175

Carbohydrates- 199

Fat- 10 gm

Protein- 1-2 gm


For dough
* Ghee- 100 ml
*Water- 120ml
* Sugar or bhura- 40gm
Mix all rub nicely with hands and make a smooth dough. you can adjust the consistency of the dough. you can adjust the consistency of dough as per your requirement.

                        For filling

* Khoya- 250 gm 
* Sugar - 50 gm
* Cardamon powder - 1Tsp
* Chopped almonds - 50gm
* Chopped walnuts- 20gm
* Gratted coconut - 20 gm

              Suji mixture

* Suji- 250 gm
* Ghee - 3tsp
*Sugar or bhura- - 30 gm

*Heat the saucepan & add ghee.
* Add suji in the above and heat.
* Saute it till it turns golden brown and cools it stain it in a shiver.


* Once all is ready put suji mixture and above filling mixture together and mix it well and put aside.

* Make a small ball from the dough and make 1 once ball.

* Make the small flats in diameter 2".

Gujiya cap( machine)

* Place this in gujiya mold hold it in and add stuffed mixture and sheal it by pressing it.

* When all is ready put in oil or ghee deep fry it till golden color.

* Serve it with tea or coffee.
Rectification and useful help

1.what to do with the leftover mixture-  Leftover mixture can be used smartly as

# use it for stuff paratha.

# use it in making dry ladoo.

# If you are smart and like to experiment with food then use it in halwa or make sweet and salty "Samosas".

2: Texture: the texture of Gujiya depends upon how the dough is made and its ratio of sugar, fat, and kneading processes. some of the major causing are:

Crust too thick

* Poor quality or too strong flour.

* Too little sugar or fat

* Less temperature of the oil.

Crust too hard

* Strong flour

*Low fat/ oil formula.

* Excess water in the recipe.

* Over-mixing after the water has been added.

* Too much tight dough.

3): Nutmeg use in stuff mixtures- Thought nutmeg has a good property for health reasons if it is taken in very very little quantity like it is Antioxidant, Anti- Inflammatory property Boost libido, Antibacterial. use it in a hint or a pinch in the stuffed mixture.

# use of more than 2 spoons become toxic
And harmful for health.

4): How many pieces in1 kg of dough- you can yield about 90 to 100 pieces of small size gujiya.

5): what we call Gujiya machine-  you can easily find this in the market by the name of Gujiya mold or simply Gujiya Sancha, Gujiya cap.

6): spring rolls sheets for gujiya dough - well you are free to use any idea. This idea is not bad but still, you can try but it will vary on your taste as spring rolls are made completely different formula than spring rolls.

7- How to use oil-free- well nowadays many people are health conscious. So to be oil-free you can use Air fryer or use an oven to bake it as an oil-free substitute.


                           . Thank you.


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