Homemade Peanut butter

Peanut butter is a type of spread which was first made by Marcellus Gilmore cdson in Canada 1889. Peanut butter is often served as a bread spread, many cakes, confectionery, ice cream flavor. This has a very yummy taste that it is very popular among the kids but on the other hand adult person can not even stop to eat it.

Peanut butter is made with 90% amount of peanut & 10% other type of ingredients like, came sugar, molasses, honey,salt, vegetable oil.

Peanut is very good for our health, as it provides good amount of protein, 30 important vitamins , minerals, also a Good source of fiber and  fat. As it has very low level of saturated fat & cholesterol it minimize the rise of heart dieses.

Now days in market be can see many products in the name of peanut butter spread which also contains artificial sugar, chemical, preservatives,cane sugar & a syrups,palm sugar,Agave sugar, which is very harmful for our health.
Knowing the fact of Heath consiousness it is better to make it home itself , which is very simple and easy to make and have a lot of health benifit.

Peanut butter recipe

1 : take 100gm peanut and skin out the cover.

2: for skining out rub it with cloth so it can easily remove the skin.

3 : take butter or oli in a pan & roast it nicely.

4: put in a Grinder mixer and grind it.

5 : After grinding add honey and salt.

6: Grind again till it reach nice consitency.

7: when done put in a jar ready to eat.


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