priority for covid-19 vaccination must be given to seafarer and aircrews: U.N & IMO

  SEAFARERS and AIRCREW  MUST BE GIVEN PRIORITY FOR COVID-19VACCINATION:  WHO & IMO                                                  COURTESY : IMO WITH THE going crisis of covid-19 and its effect on SEAFARERS,    On 25 March 2021 circular letter no. 4204/add.38, IMO Issue a statement that aircrew and seafarers are keyworkers and priorities must be given first for their covid-19 vaccinations. This statement comes out after the joint statement of five  U.N agencies including the world health organization, INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION FOR MIGRATION (IOM), INTERNATIONAL MARITIME ORGANISATION(IMO), INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANISATION(ILO), INTERNATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION ORGANISATION(ICAO) IN THIS JOINT STATEMENT SAID “: FOR SHIPPING AND AIR TRANSPORT TO CONTINUE TO OPERATE SAFELY, THE  SAFE CROSS BRODER MOVEMENT OF SEAFARERS AND AIRCREW MUST BE FACILITATED. WE REITERATE OUR CALL UPON COUNTRIES THAT HAVE NOT DONE SO TO DESIGNATE SEAFARERS AND AIRCREW AS KEYWORKERS”   Th

All about fondant

Fondant is a type of icing used to cover the cake and enhance the look. Fondant is a simple powder sugar playable dough that can be rolled over the cake to make it decor with a different souvenir. 

In general, fondant is made of powdered sugar, water, liquid glucose & gelatin. Some vegetarian recipes don't contain gelatin and this recipe varies from person to person.

There are two types of fondant.
1. Dough
2 liquid.

1 . Fondant dough-   this type of icing is used on cakes that are playable characters and rolled to top up on cakes. This makes a cake more attractive and gives a character to make fondant modeling.

2. Fondant liquid -  this type of icing is of liquid type. This is used for dipping and glazing on any cake or cupcakes donuts etc. As in the above picture, round Ball is the dip in liquid Fondant to make the decoration.


Fondant is a very sweet flavor with a chew-able character. This was invented in 16 Th century in France " Fondant" means " To meet".
Fondant tastes like a mash-mellow vanilla-like taste as the vanilla extract in the mix to downplay the others ingredient and make it more flavor full.



1. Powder sugar.      -.    1kg
2 . Egg whites.          -   2 no.
3. Water.                   - 1 TSP
4- plain gelatin.        - 1 tsp
5.liquid glucose.      -  20 gm
6. CMC powder.          - 1 TSP
6 GMS powder.          -.  1 TSP
7. Vanilla extract     -    for flavor


1 . Take half sugar.

2. Mix all ingredients and mix.

3 . Again add leftover sugar & mix.

4 . Mix till completely become a shiny dough.

                      Veg fondant

1. Powered sugar.        - 1 kg.
2. Water.                       - 1 TSP
3. Corn syrup-.             - 1 TSP
4 . Liquid glucose.      - 20 gm
5. Agar-agar                 - 1 TSP
6. Margarine.               - 10 gm
7  CMC powder.             - 1 TSP
8.  GMS powder.            - 1 TSP. 
9. Vanilla extract.        - for flavor

Method -

 1. Take 500 gm powdered sugar.

  2 . Mix all ingredients.

  3. Take again leftover power sugar & mix.

  4. Mix till completely shiny dough.

                      Marshmallow Fondant

This type of fondant is very popular nowadays. As it is very beast to make only marshmallows & powder sugar.


1. Powered sugar.      - 1 kg.
2 . Marshmallow.       - 300 gm
3 . Vanilla extract.    - to taste

Method - 

1 -  Take half-powered sugar in a Bowl.
2  - melt marshmallow in microwave or oven.
3. Mix melted marshmallow in bowl & mix.
4. Take the leftover power sugar and mix with the above mixture.
5. Knead till completely smooth shiny dough.

                                          Storage of fondant

                                             AIRTIGHT ZIP BAG

Once it is made, it is advised to put fondant in an airtight container( cling wrap) or airtight plastic zip bag overnight. To put in Airtight bag so that it doesn't make it dry, unplayable & don't form cracks while working with cakes.

If you want to put fondant in the fridge make sure that it is not in direct contact with air as it will start condensation while putting out.
So if you are putting fondant in the fridge make sure it is first cover with an air-tight bag followed by wrapped up with paper or carton.

If in case you put it in the fridge & it starts condensation, your paper towels should clean the water & wrap around it so that it can soak excess water.
If it still has moisture use CMC powder & corn starch to the mixture & kneads it till it was completely dry.

 The advice able storage is 20° c or room temperature in an airtight container. Usually unrolled fondant can last up to  22- 24 months. 

                                                       Mixing of Color in fondant

                                                    FONDANT MIXED WITH COLOR

The Colouring of Fondant is the most important part of cakes. As fondant is white in color it doesn't have any problems with any color coding. One can easily use the desired color to it.
As fondant are sensitive to water it is advisable that to use gel color only as it doesn't affect fondant texture. If you don't have gel color please use powered color making in concentrate form and apply with a toothpick.

                                                             Health Effects of color 

                                                  GEL COLOR

To be very honest there is mix study that says color is good & bad for health.
Some of the studies say color is bad for health as it - 
1. Hyperactivity including ADHD.
2. Behavioral changes.
4. Increases Asthma.
5. Tumors problem.
6. Slightly bitter out products but in small amounts that you will not detect it.

On the other hand, many studies approve the use of color, as FDA approved, making it safe to eat.

                          How much fondant needed for cakes 


Well if you have a fondant mat it makes it easier to measure how much to roll.
 Generally, it is measured 
Height ×width of cake
4×3= 12.
The advice able 📈 chart are:

Cake.                                  Fondant

15 cm (6in)-               -              500gm
18 cm (7in)-                -            750 gm
20 cm ( 8 in) -.            -             900 gm
25 cm (10 in)              -                 1 kg
28 cm (12 in)              -                1.25 kg
30 cm (14 in ).             -               1.85 kg

                          Working with fondant

Use fondant modeling tool to make various fondant modules. To stick the fondant, take water in a small bowl and apply it with the brush 🖌️. You can also use corn syrup to stick the fondant modeling & art. 
Fondant works & sticks well in cake covered with buttercream as due to less melting & better holding Nature.
 You can also decore cake-like mouse but it should be hard enough so that it can hold the fondant well & don't melt faster.

                       Health effects of fondant

As it is made up of sugar it is not so health hazards. You can taste it if you like so sweet covering cake.
Many chefs, don't suggest trying it out with cake.
Chef before plating the cake pulled out the fondant, discard it & serve the cake before the guest.
But as said everyone should experience food you can go as you like.

                                 Fondant brand        

Fondant brands easily available in the market or online are.

Vizyon sugar
Satin Ice
Sugar alchemy
Vizyon vision


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