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Simplified way to turn milk to whipping cream

Making whipping cream by milk isn't very hard to make unless you have all 3 components right i.e, 
1).  List of ingredients
2). Amounts of ingredients use
3). Preparation instructions.

 If all of the above is very right in your recipe you can make anything in this world with so simple looking task.
 As many don't like to have dairy-free products or some people love dairy products it is a good choice to have whipping cream made of milk.

To make whipping cream you can select any type of milk like skimmed milk, half & half, full-fat milk, coconut milk, etc, just have to check the amount of fat that can be beaten in a nice way to come up with a nice fluffy texture of whipping cream.

If you are using good fat milk like half & half or full-fat milk you can get a good stiff texture.
Whereas if not you may add butter, milk powder, etc to add fat content to the milk.


INGEDIENTS                                               UNIT

1) Milk.                                 -                        500 gm
 2) sugar.                              -                           1 cup
 3) milk powder.                -                         3 Tbs
 4) C.M.C powder.              -                           1 tsp
 5) G.M.S powder.              -                          1 tsp
 6). Corn starch.                  -                             3 tbs


Step 1:

1). Boil Milk & sugar together in a utensil.
2 . Take a utensil to add all the dry ingredients
     Keeping out corn starch.
3. Add this above mixture in milk when about to boil & mix well.
4. In a small bowl make a slurry of corn starch adding a little amount of water.
5. When milk boil add slurry till it thickens.
6. If it is in a cuddle blend it till smooth.
7. Put it overnight in the freezer to chill.

Step 2:

1). The next day put in a beater to make it fluffy.

 The above cream can be used in cake, mousses, cheesecake & variety of different pastry making.


  1. Waao this is really wonderful, look forward for more of the videos.


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