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Rishikesh : MLA MADE public TO WAIT for 2 & 1/2 hours for inauguration OF 18+ vaccination PROCESS.


The covid-19 pandemic has seen many inhuman things in the world.

The current report of Uttrakhand Rishikesh where, it was the first day for vaccination process for 18+ people but MLA Prem Chand Aggarwal has made the public wait for 2.30 hours to come to the vaccination center and inaugurated that center.

This made public temper high and the hate slogan for the MLA has chanted out. A vaccination which was supposed to start at 8;o clock in the morning was stated at 11;30 am because MLA NOT COME ON TIME TO inaugurate.

This vaccination PROCCESS no body want political leaders to come and click pictures for there social media account as ,people itself suffering a lot .

Nowadays, leaders are so sensitive that they don't care about public sentiment.

People who are in line for 8 o clock have to wait till 11 o clock for a leader to come and inaugurate the center after which the vaccination is stated.

Why these things happen in the country that MLA will make people wait in so hot summer for hours so that he can click pictures for his profile on social media.

Under which law, it is, again and again, happing that people have to wait for MLA to come for his photo so that he can post it out in his social media accounts making the life of the common man miserable.

Talking to the people,   It's too much now, first people have to elect them in the election then people only have to bear this people’s VIP culture, as this is a lockdown situation, every week there is add on the continue of covid curfew. People have no money for income as the market is getting closed by 12 o clock. 

People have so many restrictions but these MLA who is given so many facilities on the road are given VIP treatment so that their time cant be wasted. 

Even given so many facilities Rishikesh MLA PREM CHAND AGGARWAL didn’t get on time and as a result, People got angry and said will see you in the next election;’ in this pandemic situation people have to wait for him at 2.30 hours so that he can click the photo and start the vaccination process on 11;30 which was scheduled to be at 8’o clock


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