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second covid- 19 wave: people dont want government but only hard cash,

 A failed govenment system

Covid-19 has taught the people of India that they don't need a government but they need money so that they can take care of their health.

Seeing how our government and administration officers are dealing with the covid situation, people now ready in mind that government is good for nothing what matters is only money so that they can pay any amount to save their loved ones.

The government and its administration all are failed in dealing with the covid-19 second wave. People not getting out oxygen, people not getting any support for a sole remdesivir injection, people not able to get oxygen beds for their loved ones in the hospitals. A whole crash of the government system.

There are the government that is paying money for its advertisements but can’t spend 20% of that money in dealing with hospitalization of the people setting oxygen beds and people health infrastructure.

1) Mask - it is almost more than a year of covid in the country. The mask made in china was selling at 10 RS, BUT EVEN AFTER it is made in India now, these masks are still being sold at 10 rs. Government is busy making challan for not wearing a mask, but the government has no time to see and implement that mask is available at fair prices. A government that can't see this basic mismatch how you can think about good administration due to hot summer people fell more uncomfortable in wearing a cotton mask or mask made of clothes.

2). Hospital- To hospitalize and get an oxygen bed people lost their life. To get an oxygen bed you need to be a powerful person and get admitted to the hospital. When the news was coming out then only government react to make oxygen beds for covid-19 patients. but still with a large number of cases every day these beds are not enough.

3).RT-PCR test - earlier in Uttrakhand many places were facilities of free RTPCR test. But after the jump of cases government smartly remove this free testing. Resulting in a crowded government hospital for the RTPCR test. if you want to do private labs pay 600 for the test.

4). Home quarantine-

In-home quarantine health department of Uttrakhand was failed to deliver the health kit which comprises valuable medicine use to fight against covid-19, hence people of Uttrakhand have paid for their medicine which should be taken care of by the government. Here also system fails as they were busy taking out old cm pic to replace the new CM poster.

5). No jobs but curfew- people lost their jobs but still, the govement didn't give any financial support to people. How will they run their family, how they will pay for their food medicine & health.

6). Black marketing - As the total system breakout, with no government help, people use their money power to save their family members. In this, all the cost of life-saving medicine and equipment like oximeters have drastic inflation in prices.

7). common people dilemma-  prices of medicine and health equipment make common people helpless.

And with the intake of more fruits, people don't have money to buy fruit as they are now out of their budget.

8).No sanitization facilities- earlier there was proper sanitation to the village on the first wave but after the intake second wave, there is no sanitization nobody interested in caring this least thing.

9). Not buildings oxygen Plant & ventilation-  I. The first wave also these things are seen by country but after the second wave also things are same. Government administration doesn't work any exceptionally well work which can be regarded by the citizens. The government didn't have a plan to deal with the situation other than to look at center help.

 Fail to facilitate emergency support to the needful people that are critical in demand of oxygen.

10.) The state government failed,- All the state governments have failed to deal with the second wave and are looking for center help.

Fail to deliver data on how oxygen states have and how much they want to cop up with the oxygen demand.

Fail to provide cryogenic oxygen vehicle to the central government for having oxygen. As a result delay in getting new oxygen demand.

Why every time citizens of this country have to pay challan and fine for not obeying covid-19 norms.

Why government and its administration officer never have to pay challan for not tackling the things well. These are the basic mismatch which makes the people to wounder, better not to have a government but be a rich to pay everything for your, needs and without any government needs.


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