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The ONE month awaiting time period for MRI in , AIIMS Rishikesh.

MRI, in AIIMS Rishikesh, is so difficult that you have to wait for more than 4 weeks. A hospital that was established, in 2012 in the yoga capital of the world Rishikesh, Uttarakhand is like unable to customize prompt MRI service. No doubt with the help of its health services people have been privileged with their health.

There were many syndromes with were taken care of by its world-class facilities. Because of its cost-effective cure, people were given world-class services.

But, things are still not as good as it feels. If you have been advised by the doctor to go for MRI, Patients have to wait for a simple MRI for one month.

MRI is done in case of a serious diagnosis and treatment, if a Doctor from AIIMS recommends you to go for an MRI, the waiting list will be of one month to get an MRI report.

You can think of the seriousness of this that, Aiims Rishikesh operation starts in 2012, even after 10 years of service of the hospital, people are still waiting for MRIs for months long. Finacial stable persons can do it in private, but poor people are getting suffer by waiting for a simple MRI.

The idea of building AIIMS Rishikesh was to give world-class medical services to the poor people of Uttarakhand, especially the people of Garhwali - kumanoni, which live in the hill area. But if a simple MRI will take a month time then what is the use of building such a big hospital???

The administration, should think about the seriousness of the MRI, situation and increased the number of MRI machines and the staff to operate. so that there should be a good diagnosis of the disease at the right time.


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